Pre-Market Rundown (May 28, 2021)

Our weekly webinar series – we take a look at the stocks that are moving and some key setups. Plus a look at the news and economics for this and next week.

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Weekly Update

  • Crypto and Markets – If You Don’t Like the Weather…
    • Crypto Swoon over Weekend – then Bought (Big Players Making Waves)
    • Markets – Resting in End Of Month
    • MEME Stocks- BOOM!
    • Diamond Hands? Just a Normal Correction? Or Trading Vehicle?
  • Yields have Still Be The Play
    • Not As Much Impact on Tech All of A Sudden
  • Fed Soothing
    • Fed Starts Discussing Taper in Latest Minutes
    • Fed Parade Comes Out To Reverse Course
  • Markets
    • Holiday Shortened Week Coming Up
    • Risk Still ON
    • Commodities – May Have Peaked for A Bit
  • Economics
    • GDP 6.4% – Let’s Just Say Economy is Firing on ALL Cylinders
    • Next Week:(BIG WEEK)  Employment Report
  • Ask About the 4-Hour Online Coaching Program


  • Stocks to Watch: GLD, SLV, GBTC, ETCG, RBLX, AMC, GME, M, KSS, TITN

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