Pre-Market Rundown (July 24, 2020)

Our weekly webinar series – we take a look at the stocks that are moving and some key setups. Plus a look at the news and economics for this and next week.

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Weekly Update

  • Earnings Season – Throw Away

    • Gameplan – Miss – Then Just Comment About Online Sales or Growth
    • Twitter Good Example – Revenue Don hard, Miss on Earnings – Daily Active User Growth is Impressive
    • TSLA Beat – Looking Deeper, Seems It Was All About Tax Credits
    • MSFT – Looked Good – Stock Got Ahead of Itself
  • Big Question
    • PPP Running Out
    • Fed $600/ week running out
    • Consumers on Back Foot
    • What Will Next Stimulus Look Like (Markets LOVE Stimulus)
  • Covid-19 Virus Update
    • UN-Contained
    • Epidemic Now in Some Areas
    • Wlil There Be Shutdowns?
  • Vaccine News Wearing Off
    • AZN Study from Monday – No Significant Reaction
    • Watch for MANY More Headlines
  • Nice Rebound For Existing Home Sales
  • Follow Up – Market Overheating Again (+4)
  • Next Week  Durable Goods, FOMC Rate Decision, GDP (Q2), Personal Income and Spending, PCE Prices
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  • Stocks to Watch: SPCE, TSLA, CHGG, SLV, GLD, GDX, TWTR, AMZN

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