Pre-Market Rundown (December 17, 2021)

Our weekly webinar series – we take a look at the stocks that are moving and some key setups. Plus a look at the news and economics for this and next week.

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Weekly Update

  • THEME: Railroad Tracks
    • Markets are stuck between two bullies
    • Fed induced moves – grinding
    • News – Pandemic On-Off
    • High Priced Stocks Slammed – Old School Shine (+4, -1 <TD Value/Growth)
  • Bargains?
    • Yesterday’s Love = Today’s Hate
    • Falling Knives – Worth a Stab?
    • Oversell on News – Watch for Mismatch
    • Rotation – Watch for Moves Through Sectors
  • Cycles
    • Sinkholes – Was There to See
    • Downtrend, Lighten up – Reduce Positioning
    • Inflation – Rates – Stocks – Bonds – Cash
    • Pandemic Plays Again?
  • CRYPTO Trading
    • Who Is Trading?
    • Buy Orders Down on Support
    • Altimeter and Autopilot provide great entry points
  • Economics – PPI (!!!!) Fed Rate Decision, Retail Sales (Light), Philly Fed (Light)
  • Economics Next Week: GDP (3), Leading Indicators, PCE Prices – SHORT WEEK AHEAD
  • Ask About the 4-Hour Online Coaching Program


  • LAST WEEK’S Stocks to Watch: FDX,  EEM, U, RBLX, ETHUSD
  • Stocks to watch – UPST, MTTR, WYNN, CRM, DWAC, PHUN, EM, U, RBLX, ETHUSD

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