Pre-Market Rundown (August 7, 2020)

Our weekly webinar series – we take a look at the stocks that are moving and some key setups. Plus a look at the news and economics for this and next week.

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Weekly Update

  • Unemployment Report
    • BLS Expectations (1.36M and 10.7%) vs. Actual
    • Revisions?
    • Seasonal Adjustment
    • ADP Numbers and Unemployment Claims
  • Earnings Reports
    • Earnings & Revenue Beats
    • Growth Shows a Different Story
  • Inflation Measures
    • Gold & Silver Ramping Up
    • TIPS
    • Energy
  • Stimulus Talk Updates
    • Potential Market Outcomes / Expectations
    • Executive Order?
    • USD Impact
    • Sticking and Consensus Points
  • Next Week Eco: PPI, CPI, Retail Sales
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  • Stocks to Watch: MSFT, TCTZF

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