Pre-Market Rundown (August 20, 2021)

Our weekly webinar series – we take a look at the stocks that are moving and some key setups. Plus a look at the news and economics for this and next week.

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Weekly Update

  • Fed Taper Discussion

    • 16 Mentions “Taper/Tapering” in latest minutes
    • Markets Swoon – BUT yields move LOWER!
    • Market participants do not believe any significant taper is coming
  • Economic Backdrop

    • Inflation
    • Housing Market Slows, Emplyment – Getting Better and Better
    • ISM looking good
  • China Issues

    • Assault on Capitalism??????
    • Spread The Wealth
    • KWEB and Tech nearing support?
  • Theme; Follow The Leader

    • Buybacks and Solid Balance Sheets
    • Massive Divergences (Large/Small and Growth/Value)
    • MOMO Flows
    • Stay The Course (Liquidity Rules)
  • Rotation/Technicals

    • Rotation Away From certain risk – SPACs, Memes
    • QQQ approached 50 DMA, SPY, DIA Laying on 50 DMA
    • Quick To Pick Up Key Support Levels
  • Pandemic / Variant

    • Will This SLOW Growth?
  • Other – Clearly Some Notes of Slowing From Re-Opening Craze (to be expected)
    • Retail Sales – SLOW, Housing – SLOW, Initial Claims – Better
    • Next Week: Existing Home Sales, GDP, Durable Goods, PCE Prices
  • Ask About the 4-Hour Online Coaching Program


  • Stocks to Watch: KWEB, FUV, DIDI, BABA, QQQ, EDIT, CRSP, GRMN, M, VIAC

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