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Recently, David Russell from TradeStation reviewed the Commander Series and provided an excellent write-up of his findings. He focused on how these indicators can help to spot potential breakdowns and find key support/resistance levels.

From his article:

Many traders struggle to find support and resistance, so today we’re reviewing a tool designed to do exactly that.  The TriggerCharts Commander Series uses proprietary algorithms to find key chart levels. It’s also one of the popular products in our TradingApp Store, which lets ordinary customers benefit from the work of professional developers.  “It’s hard to know the real price people are buying or selling,” said creator Andrew Horowitz. “This lets you see the real levels where institutions may be active.”  Commander features the Altimeter and Radar indicators. Today we’ll focus on Altimeter, which draws three dotted lines on the chart. Red shows resistance across the top, green shows support across the bottom and blue indicates a volume-based intermediate level.

He then highlighted some charts as well as how the Commander Series predicted a breakdown for the S&P 500. See the full article HERE.

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“TriggerCharts Commander Series” with Andrew Horowitz

On April 25, Andrew Horowitz of The Disciplined Investor will demonstrate the TriggerCharts Commander Series Indicators. This suite of four indicators offers a structured, logical approach to analyzing and interpreting the markets, pinpointing major capital flows and their effects on price movement. The Commander Series helps improve decision making by properly interpreting volume-at-price, volatility, pivot levels, momentum characteristics and other key market attributes and characteristics in all time frames. These indicators are optimized for trading and analyzing stocks, futures and forex.