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Average Customer Rating:(49)Star Rating
  • Commander Series with Aileron

    John Ryan star Rating

    Just started using the Commander series tied with the Aileron indicator and it looks like it is a true value add! The Radar and Altimeter makes it easy to interpret volume, support, and resistance areas across multiple timelines. Tying this with the Aileron gives you an instant view into oversold /overbought conditions bar by bar. The Autopilot gives you an instant search and filter for short and long entry and exit triggers across any timeline (min, hour, day, week). They say a picture paints a thousand words. Trigger Charts puts all this massive data into a quick, easy to read eye popping format.

  • Very Useful, Easy to Use

    Dan Millard star Rating

    I have already made profitable trades using TriggerCharts. Very useful over multiple time frames. It is easy to use and understand. I have used many other TS apps and this is the best yet.

  • Best tool so far

    Zheng Zhang star Rating

    This a great tool and pretty reliable to use. Got really good results during 1st day use. Thanks for your work.

  • commander series

    Ray Blodgett star Rating

    I love the way the information I get from these indicators keep me on the right side of the trade. The training videos were understandable and got me up to speed quickly. So far, I have only been trading the emini and bond futures, but that has been very profitable.

  • Great App

    Akki star Rating

    Been in trial for 9 days and so far great results. Using mostly on futures at the moment. Will be testing it for another 2 weeks and then go live. Confidence is building and quite happy with the results so far.

  • Commander Series

    Brandon Harman star Rating

    Very impressive and efficient set of indicators! Helps me stay on the right side of the trade every trade every time!

  • great tool

    Cesar Becker star Rating

    Still evaluating but as for now i had very good results, it´s the best predictive system i´ve tried so far, very trustworthy and easy to use.

  • so far so good

    Basanath Moirangthem star Rating

    I have been testing triggercharts on shorter time frames, 30 min, 15 min and 10 min to see how it works with es mini. The altimeter support and resistance holds, breakout trigger works. an agreement of two time frame on resistance/support or breakout seems to work.

  • Testing …

    christian star Rating

    I have tried the software for approx. 2 weeks thru the trial period. It’s impossible to use level of channel to create strategy with this parameters. It ‘s necessary to backtest many years before answer.

  • Good App

    joppy81 star Rating

    I am more of a day trader who trades during the opening few hours. This tool helps me to align on multiple time frames. I am using the 5min bars (even though they rec. against it) with 30min and 1 day. Helps me stay on the right side of a trade. I would def try this out and see how it can help you. You will need to invest some time in learning about the indicators. The website has lots of videos.

  • Two Thumbs Up for Commander Series

    Michael Clarke star Rating

    I have found the charts and the indicators to be excellent aides in my trades. As I have moved more to a swing trade approach the Trigger charts are easy to read and give me a better look before I get to a decision point. I found that after I reviewed the users guide and watched the action for several days I was able to get the hang of the indicators. I would recommend this software to anyone looking for an excellent tool to give them a better view into price changes and market timing.

  • Highly Recommend

    Melinda A star Rating

    Still evaluating and learning with this tool, but very promising early results. Everyone knows that no tool is perfect, but the TriggerCharts Commander tools certainly seem to put the odds in your favor. Is a bit pricey, but could easily pay for itself in 1 or 2 good trades.

  • Great App

    Colin Richards star Rating

    I think it’s a great way to trade with a disciplined approach. I would definitely recommend this app.

  • Very nice Indicator

    Berj Kasparian star Rating

    This set of indicators works grate together. I don’t trade without it.

  • Great Toolset for Traders of all levels

    Robert Reale star Rating

    I was in the app store looking for a tool that would alert on OR breakouts came across this app ran the 10 day trial into it for 3 days and honestly cant see trading without it going forward. One must try it for themselves. if you are a trader you’ll know instantly the amount of legwork and charting that this incorporates. Great Stuff

  • Commander Series – Awesome!

    gbsuperfly star Rating

    Commander Series simplifies analysis of stocks and other trade vehicles so you can focus on trading and not analysis. These are very powerful tools that allow you to make solid trading decisions. To me, the entry and exit points present themselves clearly. The multi time frame autopilot allows you judge the strength of the moves as well. I am a busy professional that trades secondary to my day job. Commander series allows me to make trade quality decisions quickly. The monthly fee is a no-brainer when you consider the improvement to your trading decisions.

  • The Commander Series is Remarkable!

    EliteTrading star Rating

    The Commander Series is a remarkable comprehensive set of Indicators that helps any type of trader to take better entry/exit decisions. The User interface is clean and the indicators blends perfectly with the TradeStations charts, another great feature is the ability to add the indicators into the Radar, so you can scan the market for entry points at different time frames. The out of the box settings are excellent but you can customize everything (based on your style/tolerance). All the indicators are configurable and intuitive. I’m still in the trail period and going thru the video tutorials to try to get the best out of it.

  • Great App…Do not trade w/o it.

    David L star Rating

    I wish I knew it long ago. I just reopen the TS account 2 weeks ago after losing some money 1 and 1/2 years ago. Luckily I have found this App couple days ago and it has helped me to know when to get in and get out the positions. I really love the Auto Pilot Altimeter function. I have made some money by using this Function for the past 3 days enough to pay this full App for one whole yr. For me, this App is like a compass where you need it to cruse on the Ocean. Do not trade w/o it. I highly recommend it to everyone trader especially the new beginner. Do not loose your shirt like me one and half year ago.

  • Clear objective indicators.

    GemNW star Rating

    Great set of indicators.Defines clearly where support and resistance is on any timeframe.



    I use Bollinger Bands, CCI, RSI, and MACD to tell me the trend of the stock market on an intraday basis. I began using Trigger Charts when I started my free trial about two weeks ago. Andrew recommends not using Trigger Charts for intraday day trading. I have therefore broken old rules and created new ones. I am giving Trigger Charts a five-star rating because I love how the program shows you clear support and resistance and is nearly always right about when a stock or market is headed for a reversal. The greyish colored candles that indicate a sloppy non-trending market is an irreplaceable indicator. When I am long a position, Trigger Charts immediately alerts me on my 1 and 5 minute charts that the trend is nearing an end intraday by displaying first yellow candles (warning) and then orange candles (clear intraday reversal. Trigger Charts can be used intraday to take in huge profits day trading as long as you combine the program with the time of a day, and the stock’s pivot points. In addition, the TriggerCharts Altimeter will keep you trading on the right side of the market by specifically telling you if a stock or financial instrument is in an uptrend, downtrend or sideways market.

  • Test Drive

    Trader star Rating

    I have tried the software for approx. 2 weeks thru the trial period. I have just watched the radar with some of my trading ideas to see how it does. I has definitely helped me out on a couple trades I was in. I am looking forward to using this software to help me with my trading

  • Beyond good

    Binkus star Rating

    This is a must have trading app,intuitive,easy to use & profitable.Active trades…go out & get it.

  • great program- a bargain !!! 5 STARS

    Paul Inkeles star Rating

    I’ve been using the Commander Series for about a week and it has already improved my trading. It both provides confirmation of trade ideas I have as well as is useful in generating ideas for new trades. It also helps me to optimize my timing related to exit and entry points. it is very user-friendly. I’m not much of a techie and often shy away from a lot if features offered by TradeStation and others because of that. My brother recommended this to me and I am thrilled. Last, but not least, Andrew, the owner, is extremely nice and accessible by email or phone. is there anything above 5 stars?

  • exciting

    Barton Inkeles star Rating

    An exciting ,valuable tool for all traders.I am an active option trader & find this tool very worthwhile.

  • Excellent Leads using the RadarScreen

    Brian Shaffer star Rating

    What a great set of Indicators! The RadarScreen pinpoints potential stocks to consider for day or swing trades, then the Altimeter is a perfect manual confirmation tool to estimate the reward / risk ratio. The Autopilot makes the potential trade points jump out at you. The videos are very helpful. I watched them all. Once you watch the videos you will understand a better way of looking at the charts.

  • Must Have Indicator

    Don star Rating

    For those who use market profile, this indicator is the best way to see the effects. And the helpful videos on the TriggerCharts website establish a complete package for successful use of the trading technique.

  • Self

    Rae DeGourville star Rating

    Awesome is the word, the Commander Series is a must have tool in comprehending market conditions, keep your eyes on the Radar Screen for entries and exit points. Great trading tool is a must in today’s very Volatile market.


    VINCENT star Rating


  • Designer

    Raphael Joseph star Rating

    This indicator is exactly what I have been looking for, after having an issue setup on my side, I called support and to my surprise Howard promptly setup a team viewer appointment, to see what was wrong with my setup. This one act by Howard pointed me on the right tract and fixed the issue I had. for this, I rate and recommend this indicator 100%. It is an excellent help to my trading experience. Thank you Howard.

  • Excellent tools

    Jean Lara star Rating

    This package include 4 indicators very useful for all the style’s trader. The indicators are based in Market Profile and are by itself a complete set for any kind of trader. The Altimeter is for me the most helpful tool because show me dynamically the volume at price for every change in the market’s prices, and let to visualize the breakouts with high probability of profit The Radar is a excellent tool to easy visualize 3 market profiles and to determine easily point of control (POC) that show a clear support or resistance for any financial asset. In the Tradestation’s video there is an excellent explanation for all tools and the price, although is not the cheapest, is very fair for the product

  • Excellent tools

    Robert Strongin star Rating

    Very clear and simple to view support and resistance zones in multiple timeframes. It’s been helping me lower risk and has increase my percentage of profitable trades.I like it as a complement to my other approaches but it can also serve as one’s primary technical tool. I use it on mainly daily and weekly charts, and also hourly as needed. Highly recommended, especially if you could use a volume at price or user friendly Market Profile type of approach to enhance your style.

  • Great for determining Supply, Demand and for Market Timing

    Steve Miller star Rating

    I’ve experimented with many different packages and what I especially like about the Commander Series is the Radar indicator. Radar helps me to identify true supply and demand zones with stocks and ETF’s, much more than typical support and resistance level indicators. Also, the Altimeter has been useful in helping me to identify intra-day turning points with the S&P E-mini (ES), a great supplement for timing entries on long and/or short entries from the Autopilot.

  • I love these indicators

    Diana Hays star Rating

    I have tried a variety of other indicators: built-in as well as custom. Hands down, this series answers all my needs for intraday trading in stocks. Entries and exits are more obvious; opportunities – both longs and shorts – are flashed in the commander series custom radar screen. I use it on both the S&P 500 list and the TradeStation high-volume list. You can also see pictorially where momentum and resistance levels take shape for price levels within a chart, with the special radar graph on my candlestick charts. The autopilot is indescribably wonderful! I can check/verify trend beginnings/endings. Don’t hesitate. The indicators are so worth it.

  • Great Package

    Sean OConnell star Rating

    This will change the way you look at the markets. I no longer use any other indicators. This has helped with my P&L trading mostly futures. A+

  • they want you to be successful

    Martin Bernstein star Rating

    easy to work with, the developers are very cooperative & will give the support you need. Easy to understand & work with, this program will give you a big advantage when in the market

  • One of the most useful indicators I have found

    Paul Redd star Rating

    I find this indicator very useful and effective. It has been easy to set up and use. Also, the technical support has been excellent.

  • the best for now

    Michael Gilad star Rating

    make trading much more easy

  • Impressive

    David Gresens star Rating

    This is a very impressive suite of indicators, that will change the way you look at and see the market. It really adds a great deal of confidence to your trading when you get a complete view of the market especially through multiple time frames. The indicator are very easy to impertinent and understand. I’m utilizing them to complement my longer term trading strategies. Support is quick, insightful and very helpful. Definitely worth a look.

  • I LOVE This Indicator 🙂

    C. Cooley star Rating

    Spend more time trading and Less time analyzing. I am making more green and have more confidence with my entries and exits.

  • exciting indicator

    Southern Trader star Rating

    The radar screen is a fantastic tool which provides high quality setups to review.

  • A great Real Time indicator

    Satvinder Saini star Rating

    I have been trading for a few years and this is one of the best indicators I have tried. I hope to make this the basis of my day and swing trading.

  • It is easy to understand, very good signals

    Lingaraju Ramasamy star Rating

    I am using this tool for the last one week, the signals are very accurate. It is great when compared to other indicators. I strongly recommend this for active traders.

  • LIke the ease of the software

    Gregg Davis star Rating

    Tried the software and i like the ease of the software. it points in plain sight the key areas you need to focus in. I look forward to watching more videos and getting deeper into the program. Really helps to have a tool like this.

  • Quality Signals

    Keith Kapera star Rating

    I recently signed up for the initial free trial and have been mostly in the short time on Autopilot. Thus far, I believe that the signals are quite accurate on both the long and short side. As I get more exposure to the product I will try playing with the parameters to try and get thru those sideways consolidations and also try out the indicators as well. Looking forward to learning the products more deeply in the near future. Also impressed with the customer service as my call was returned in short order by the owner who took my detailed questions with a smiile and answered them all.

  • Must try these three indicators. Gain insight

    davidM star Rating

    All three indicators work and look exactly as the webinars displayed. Radar looks great and really helps to visualize volume. Allows the user to see where the supply and demand levels are meeting in equilibrium. Altimeter is a great indicator as it shows when trading ranges are forming. Autopilot will remove a lot of the discretionary aspects of individual trades. Combine Autopilot with the Altimeter and you’re able to set stops for trades and live by the stop. Autopilot will also allow you to make decisions on your longs, with an unbiased process. The Commander Series is a robust set of technical indicators and will truly enhance any level of analysis.

  • A better way to see the market

    GPL2013 star Rating

    These three indicators help you see support and resistance based on volume at price not just price. They give you clear indications of what can happen next and why. It is helping me get away from just using lagigng indicators.

  • Awesome indicators

    MMOSH star Rating

    My favorite is autopilot, gives buy/sell signals that have so far worked in my favor. Coupled to Radar and you got yourself a pretty good volume at price indicator that gives a boost to autopilot’s buy/sell signals. I love the simplicity of these indicators…

  • A pleasing way to see volume profile

    SteveRtrader star Rating

    The “radar” (aka volume profile) is the most useful aspect of this strategy, as a means for providing volume-at-price in a very pleasing graphic. The signals, and painted bars could work well in conjunction with the trader’s other strategies, as an odds enhancer, confirmation, or reason to re-evaluate a planned trade. It also appears to work best on larger time frames (I like daily) rather than smaller ones, but the developer acknowledged this in a webinar. Overall, works as advertised and easy to read and understand.

  • These 3 indicators really compliment each other

    Brant Dolve star Rating

    Using the Commander Series made it easy to understand where the POC is and when to stay out of the consolidation periods. Helps identify entries, exits and stops. I used the indicators on the Futures YM, NQ & CL. I suggest going to and watch their webinars. It helped me understand the techniques.

TriggerCharts – Aileron360

Average Customer Rating:(3)Star Rating
  • Great tool for any time frame

    Zheng Zhang star Rating

    This is the best tool combined with commander series. It just woks really really well. Aileron just remove all the false signals in autopilot, and keeps me in the trend. Thanks for your work.

  • Great tool with scanner that compliments your daily trades

    Michael Clarke star Rating

    I have used the tool for a week and love the setup and triggers. I have found the scanner is very robust with the ability to flip through the reversals. My overall opinion is a 5 star application.

  • Great Buy/Sell Indicator

    AA11 star Rating

    Excellent Indicator . I’m still Learning and the best part is making money while Learning . Andrew is great . I had questions about the software and Andrew explained it on the phone and having support really helps . Thanks Andrew .

TriggerCharts – ALTIMETER

Average Customer Rating:(2)Star Rating
  • Self employed

    Rae DeGourville star Rating

    I have tried many indicators in the past, after using the Altimeter it is very much a keeper, I will continue to use it as one off my main tool for trading. I would definitely recommend it to others to improve their trading.

  • Essential Tool for any trader

    Jean Lara star Rating

    Within the set of tools that every trader must have, it should not miss one that is based on volume. And although there are very good free tools, such as “on balance volume”, at the time of having a better study of volume and price, the concepts of “market profile” are fundamentals. And that is precisely what this tool gives, as well as others of the same developer, and it’s what makes them so valuable for any trader. In the particular case of the “altimeter” the importance lies in having a dynamic reading of the market’s auction and be able to find high probability areas of vertical movement. The tool graphically shows three lines that form in a dynamic way, which is even more important, points of resistance, support and balance, which serve to take the most important decision that any trader must take, decide when to enter and when to exit the market. When a breakout occurs in some of the lines, this indicates that the market is coming out of a movement of laterality and entering in a movement of verticality, which indicates a high probability of volatility and hence, of profit. The configuration is very simple and in the complete package (that include others indicators) there is an explanatory video to extend the concepts and its operation.

TriggerCharts – Aileron Indicator

Average Customer Rating:(1)Star Rating
  • Already helped improve my entries and exits

    Diana Hays star Rating

    I have come to depend on the Aileron indicator to keep me in a trade for a very profitable length of time; it has truly helped me to maximize my intraday stock trades. Instead of getting out too early, the aileron is specially designed to show me when interest [volume+momentum] is very strong in a stock and is likely to continue. It can also warn me that weakness is starting, giving me the chance to exit a trade with less risk and many fewer exits at a loss. Great, great indicator. I have come to depend on it being on my candlestick charts all the time. It is a perfect match to all my TriggerCharts indicators and I am seeing my trades become more and more successful.

TriggerCharts – Key Reversal Indicator

Average Customer Rating:(3)Star Rating
  • Uninstalled

    James star Rating

    TradeStation confirms misleading description does not describe that indicator works ONLY with symbol $INX. When it didn’t work I thought it was the Free Trial that was limited so opened a paid subscription. No improvement. Then added $INX to my data feed but no change. Reinstalled TradeStation -again, no change. Worked with TradeStation tech and Trigger Charts – still no change. Indicator does not work. Uninstalled.

  • Very reliable so far

    Blake star Rating

    I’ve used this to time entries into some beaten down stocks with great success so far. The intuitive layout is nice.

  • Very useful confirmation Tool

    Ty Trader star Rating

    This is a very nice indicator if you trade the SPY, ES markets. Great counterTrend Signals.

TriggerCharts – EcoTrack

Average Customer Rating:(2)Start Rating
  • Nothing extraordinary about this one…

    STEVE LAZARUS star Rating
  • Congratulations

    Sergi Sanchez star Rating

    Thank you very much for sharing for free. Excellent App!

TriggerCharts – BitCoin Ace

Average Customer Rating:(0)Star Rating
  • There are no reviews for this product.

TriggerCharts – SIMULATOR

Average Customer Rating:(0)Star Rating
  • There are no reviews for this product.

TriggerCharts – AUTOPILOT

Average Customer Rating:(0)Star Rating
  • There are no reviews for this product.

TriggerCharts – RADAR

Average Customer Rating:(0)Star Rating
  • There are no reviews for this product.