You may use snippets from the book to justify your opinion. It’s a Jazz Age classic and now a super-long Baz Luhrmann movie, but, more importantly, The Great Gatsby is also a towering behemoth in the American literary canon. Facebook 192 StumbleUpon Tweet 27 Pin Shares 219. While I do not think that the Great Gatsby should be banned, or not taught in schools, I do question how many of its themes that an English student of say 15 could understand, compared to what a person of 30 could. The great Gatsby should be taught in all high schools to show what people have banned during our history and why they banned it, It could also branch out students perception of things and teach them about other religions. 5 reasons why you should read The Great Gatsby. Great Gatsby in the Classroom: Not Just Because it is a Classic. This novel is seen as one of the greatest novel's of all time and is read in nearly all high school classrooms today! Many of its themes relate to adulthood and failure, things that are not easy to relate to unless we have experienced them firsthand. Please give complete answers & reasoning. Should the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald continue to be taught in high school? The roars of the roaring twenties have faded and we don’t find ourselves surrounded by flapper girls and prohibition laws, but the questions about humanity and the themes of wealth, close-mindedness, popularity, obsession with the past, and ultimate selfishness still impact 21st-century society. September 12, 2013 / 1 comment / by Joel Willans. Maureen Corrigan explores the enduring appeal of Fitzgerald's classic in 'So We Read On.' %22The Great Gatsby%22 captured the Jazz Age%2C the gaudiest%2C most exciting period in American culture; Every generation reads %22The Great Gatsby… Facebook 192 Tweet Pin 11. Though first published in 1925, The Great Gatsby is quite relevant to today. 10 Reasons That YOU Should Read The Great Gatsby By Luke Szathmary The Great Gatsby is a novel that was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Within the taught cannon, there are several books that have had more staying power than others; F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is one of them. The literary cannon, despite arguments that it is not diverse enough, continues to be taught in American public schools.