You might also feel embarrassed because you’re feeling guilty about something you did that has now become public knowledge. The conversation about personal feelings of embarrassment, per Dr. Jones, needs to start from within. The benefit: You're lightening the mood and setting the stage for a return to the business at hand. It doesn’t necessarily have to be between you and your family, … You know that feeling you get when things don't go quite as planned...and you want to run and hide? And if you choose to do things or not do things because you’ll think it’ll make guys like you better, you should probably question the kinds of people you’re around in general.

Likewise, you might end up feeling embarrassed when you’re caught doing something that is socially unacceptable. This is why that happens. What to Say When You’re Embarrassed.
He suggests being affirming by telling yourself things like: “I am allowed to make mistakes,” “I’m allowed to miss the mark,” or “I’m growing, too.” ADVERTISEMENT. At the age of 25, you’re a grown-ass woman or at least you’re on your way to being one. Embarrassment plagues every one of us from time to time. These events can often make us feel incredibly uncomfortable and self-conscious. Granted, white people say and do some really stupid stuff, but when one of you says you’re embarrassed to be white, I just shake my head. If you’re embarrassed by your family for objective reasons, we recommend giving yourself some space. Your Body When You're Embarrassed. However, while you might try to prepare for embarrassing moments, you can never fully prevent them.

I hear this all the time.