As most people are currently unable to see a therapist face-to-face, BACP member Rakhi Chand explains how telephone and online counselling work. XenZone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults. Online counseling offers a private, secure treatment option with a certified counselor. What technology is used during counseling sessions? For more information about XenZone, please visit Known by a wide variety of names, from e-counselling and e-therapy to email or telephone counselling, as well as digital therapy or telepsychology, there are even app and web-based options available to fit your needs.

Services are typically offered via email, real-time chat, and video conferencing. Just like telephone counselling you'll need a private space to have the conversation. BACP member Caz Binstead explains how counselling can help. What is online counselling? How do you deal with anxiety or help someone with anxiety? Confidentiality is just as important in online therapy as it is in more traditional forms of treatment delivery. Keeping your personal information private is a major concern in psychotherapy, but online treatment adds a layer of complexity. Use a laptop, computer, or tablet if possible (and you may need to make sure that your device’s microphone and camera are working).
Online counselling is MORE effective than face-to-face sessions University of Zurich found virtual therapy more successful than face-to-face sessions Fifty-seven per cent of online …

Kooth, from XenZone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use. Online counseling is the provision of professional mental health counseling services through the Internet.

Online counselling is fast becoming a popular model for support for young people, with key national services such as Lifeline, Kids Helpline, Suicide Call Back Service and headspace adding online counselling to their service provision. What is anxiety? Some clients use online counseling in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy, or nutritional counseling, and a growing number of clients are using online counseling as a replacement for office visits. Find out more about the evidence behind the benefits and the potential disadvantages of online counselling. Online counseling is a comfortable and convenient option that affords you the opportunity to speak with our counselors in a familiar and private setting. When counselling is normally provided face-to-face, changing to telephone or online therapy can be quite a difficult transition for both parties, particularly if your counsellor has not been trained in working in this way. How to get therapy. Online counselling is carried out via secure and encrypted web platforms. Online counselling has grown rapidly in popularity due to lower wait times, convenience and often, a lower cost than face-to-face therapy. Anxiety.