Flip open to many academic journals and you are greeted with dense and specialized prose, default structure, and a writing style that has been passed down from supervisor to student for many years. Stylish Academic Writing is a fine book even if far too much of it seems obvious. Thus, we keep all materials confidential. Stylish Academic Writing contains superb counsel for academics who want to write with greater clarity and skill. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Stylish Academic Writing has become a 'go to' reference when I need encouragement or inspiration; my writing has improved, ensuring I am better equipped to critique other's work. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Book Review: Stylish Academic Writing 2014/12/15 Purchase. Stylish Academic Writing isn’t all like this, perhaps unfortunately, but Helen Sword’s point is that the best imaginative writers know how to grab their readers’ attention, and that academics, without going quite this far, could profitably learn more than a thing or two from them.

Book Review: Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword (Expanded/English) Focused on her research findings and coming in at only 175 pages of content, this text is not a one-stop-shop for writing advice. Stylish Academic Writing Book Review, anthropology dissertation grants, udayton cover letter, writeaprisoner texas airport location today.

Stylish Academic Writing (SAW) changed the way I view academic writing: completing my MA in Early Childhood Development, Sword's advice provides the courage and confidence to be brave in style, liberating me from the conventions of academic writing. Air & Light & Time & Space builds on Stylish Academic Writing to focus not so much on writing … Stylish Academic Writing would be a wonderful text in a graduate-level research class, but early career academics will also find it motivating and helpful.

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Helen Sword, Stylish Academic Writing, reviewed by Stephen K. Donovan Leo Mallette and Clare Berger, Writing for Conferences: A Handbook for Graduate Students and Faculty, reviewed by Steven E. Gump Funnily enough, the obviousness of Sword's book is precisely her point: academia knows it writes poorly and encourages poor writing, yet it fails to act. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stylish Academic Writing by Sword, Helen (April 2, 2012) Hardcover at Amazon.com. She ended up mentioning me in the acknowledgements of her 2012 book Stylish Academic Writing, which goes to show that a short note of thanks can mean a lot to an author. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stylish Academic Writing at Amazon.com.