In most creative fields — like writing, web design, graphic design, advertising, photography or videography, for example — a portfolio is absolutely required to secure a job. Interview Preparation. Win the Interview with Your Career Portfolio.

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Interview Preparation. I would take this feedback to heart and consider how you could adjust your approach during your next job interview. A job portfolio provides evidence to the claims you made in your resume and cover letter regarding your candidacy and backing backs them up with tangible proof of your skills, both concrete and transferable. With that sentiment in mind, understanding how to make a professional portfolio for a job interview can provide more substance to your claims. See the before and after of a resume transformation. An interview portfolio consists of six main parts: an introduction, a professional background summary, STAR behavioral examples, awards and recommendations, sample solution(s), and a closing page. For example, you mention that they didn’t have time to talk about your specific tasks. #1) Cover Page (Click all images to expand) Starting with a cover page gives a great first impression.

We’ll walk you through step-by-step. Here are seven items (one optional) that you’ll include in your portfolio for your next job interview. If you're expected to produce creative work in a new job, your employer will seek to review and assess your previous project performance. Although we’re talking about work samples today, there are things you can do in the job interview to help avoid the request for work samples in the first place.

What is an Interview: Definition, Objectives, Types & Guidelines.

You’ll get everything you need to build a model resume to win the interview. Top 30 Recruitment Mistakes: How to Overcome Them . Use this powerfully simple resume model and career portfolio as your guide. (Example images are included for each.) By Laura DeCarlo. A Sample Job Interview Portfolio: 7 Things to Include. Smart job seekers know that they have to prepare for the interview to know how to sell themselves, handle challenging questions, and overcome concerns in their histories or experience levels. 20 Effective or Successful Job Search Strategies & Techniques. All Cover Letters CVs & Resumes Finding A Job Interview Preparation Networking Social Media. While the content will be similar to what’s on your resume, the portfolio takes it a step further to “show and tell” your skills with specific examples. Finding A Job.