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“Throughout the play "Hamlet", Shakespeare makes effective use of a variety of dramatic techniques to evoke a world full of deception and corruption.” Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with… William Shakespeare's Hamlet revision notes for English covering ACT ONE, Key Characters, Key Themes, Summary Act 3 Scene 1 - Hamlet's turmoil Claudius and Polonius eavesdrop when Hamlet meets Ophelia. Continue your revision with our unbeatable 50+ page Essential Shakespeare's Hamlet Notes included with your Premium Membership! This is just general revision advice for A Level Lit - if you'd like any specific help with anything let me know Hi, I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing any other resources that you may have from english lit like good quotes or context etc, because I'm also doing Hamlet, Rossetti, and dystopia, and your resources were really helpful. 8 resources in this Learning Path specialises in providing study tools and premium study content for the Junior and Leaving Certificate students in Ireland, as well as GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level/International A-Level students. Hamlet The play's the thing/Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.

Hamlet speaks the famous soliloquy ('To be or not to be') and rejects Ophelia, whom he had previously professed love to, believing that she is in league with his uncle and Polonius. Dared to the combat; in which our valiant Hamlet--For so this side of our known world esteem'd him--Did slay this Fortinbras; who by a seal'd compact, Well ratified by law and heraldry, Did forfeit, with his life, all those his lands Which he stood seized of, to the conqueror: Start studying Hamlet revision. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A selection of revision guides, worksheets and advice for studying the William Shakespeare play 'Hamlet'.