Iago, on the other hand, is the main antagonist, Emilia’s husband, and Desdemona’s attendant. He claims both Cassio and Othello have seduced his wife, Emilia, a … Othello And Iago Relationship Essay Iago, in William Shakespeare’s Othello, is an evil, malignant character. In the play he betrayed Rodrigo, Othello, and Cassio. Iago’s nerves of steel allow him to think quickly and delicately, without boxing himself in to his own trap. Iago’s Betrayals in Othello . The Many Evils of Iago in Othello by Shakespeare Iago is a man of jealousy, and he is proposing revenge against Cassio and Othello. " Othello, not Iago? Othello is so caught up in Iago’s lies that he refuses to believe Desdemona when she denies the whole thing.

This is key to his scheming because he is frequently put on the spot by Othello, and if Iago fails to respond in a timely and witty fashion, his plan will be either foiled or, worse, revealed to Othello and others. From getting […] Much credit must be given to Iago’s diabolical prowess which enables him to bend and twist the supple minds of his friends and spouse. If you are trying to get your students to deepen their understanding of 'Othello,' it can help to have them do detailed character analyses.

Get Your Custom Essay on How does Iago manipulate Othello Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. The Many Evils of Iago in Othello by Shakespeare Essay examples 1265 Words | 6 Pages. Get Your Custom Essay on Othello: Literary Essay on Iago Just from $13,9/Page Get?custom paper Between self-perception, opposing character perceptions and audience perception, Iago portrays a brilliantly, manipulative villain whose two dimensional nature is concealed beneath sheets of false sympathy, integrity and empathy. Iago tricks Othello into beleiving that his own wife is having an affair, without any concrete proof. It has often been d that William Shakespeare’s play Othello actually features another character in a more dominant role. He manages to completely deceive everyone by displaying an honest facade. Othello Essay In the play Othello the downfall of every character all roots from betrayal from one person or another. Thus he is able to instill trust in all those around him. Othello is the protagonist and is presented as a valiant soldier who eloped with a respected Venetian senator’s daughter, Desdemona. In addition, he is simple to others when Iago alerts Othello about Brabantio discovering the marital relationship and tells him to go within and he says, “Not i.

Iago happens to be the one who betrays everyone he knows just to get revenge and get what he wants in the long run. Othello and Iago are principal fictional characters in William Shakespeare’s literary work, Othello (c. 1601-1604).