Approximately 21 percent of Italians are obese, according to the World Health Organization. This is a list of countries ranked by the proportion of the population that is obese.The data is supplied by The World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency, which gives the adult prevalence rate for obesity, defined as "the percent of a country's population considered to be obese".

Let’s take a deeper look at the details of the report on obesity in Italy. Italy even beats out the United Kingdom (26.9 percent) and France (23.8 percent). It shows that 46% of adults (18 years and older), comprising more than 23 million individuals, and 24.2% of children and adolescents (aged 6-17), or 1 million and 700,000 individuals, are overweight. That may sound alarming, but it’s peanuts compared with the United States’ staggering 33 percent. Obesity in Italy Although Italy’s obesity problem might be considered mild in comparison to many of its neighbouring constituents (the country boasts one of the lowest adulthood obesity rates in Europe [approximately 10% of the population]), childhood obesity rates are notoriously considered one of the highest (36% for boys and 34% for girls)1.