In short, yes, but there can be some drawbacks that you may want to consider …

Media merely satisfies this need because it makes sound business sense for them. Social media platforms are mostly utilized by young people in most countries today. With the prosperity of both science and culture, people are accustomed with an abundant supply of information. It is whereby individuals inclusive of celebrities come in to share the way of their lives.

If media publishes stories about the private lives of the rich and the famous, that is because there is an audience for them. Today with the popularity of reality T.V. IntroductionCelebrities are a staple of the media industry. People want to know what celebrities do, say, wear, eat and drink. Certain celebrities that are recent high interest in the media are celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Wine house. Modern media, such as television, newspapers, magazines, reinforces our accesses to news and information of all kinds, the most prevalent of which are those about public figures and celebrities’. Not all celebrities share social media updates themselves. Celebrities are borne aloft on images marketed, sold, and disseminated with a rapidity and cunning unimagined by the heroes of old, and then just as quickly cast aside. The Effects of Media on Young Generation Mass media plays a very important part on the lives of people in the society. Celebrities can now be portrayed as “normal people we could have relationships with”, Jean Baudrillard posits that we are living in a word of “hyper-reality” constructed largely of surface media images that challenges and undermines modernist notions of reality and truth.

Others stick mostly to Twitter or Facebook and hire a social media manager to update their other profiles with news about their daily lives and careers. The lives of celebrities have, and are currently being effected by the media. Social media has allowed celebrities to directly communicate with fans over the years. “The general public currently appears to be obsessed about media celebrities.” It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Celebrities are plastered all over TV, social media, magazines, and any other place you’d find an ad. Celebrities and their lifestyles are often promoted through the media which is devoted to satisfying the public’s interest in celebrities. Some choose to cross-post, so what goes up on Twitter shows up on other platforms. Essay/ Article – 2. With this said, magazines, newspapers, and television, scrutinize celebrities life's to reveal candid photos and confidential stories about failing marriages, romances, and … But do those endorsements truly lead to an increase in sales of a product?