Career Outlook. The master's in criminal justice degree plan includes required coursework in administration of justice; legal decision-making and leadership; and GIS, evidence-based learning, and policy. The master’s degree in criminal justice at Michigan State combines case studies, work in the field, and an interdisciplinary approach in the classroom.

Master’s Degree in Computer Criminology. Why choose a Criminal Justice degree with a Legal Studies specialization? Master of Arts in Justice Studies. Students who earn a justice studies degree can be eligible to work in government positions, particularly those that deal with criminal law or the justice system. Grand Canyon offers a master’s degrees in criminal justice, with emphases in legal studies and law enforcement. Professional Ethics.

Criminology Match Major Sheet FSU IRB Policy Memo FSU IRB Human Subjects Committee Approval. Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies programs represent two sides of the legal system, and depending on your interests, either might provide the foundation for beginning, or expanding, your career. Popular Career Options. The College of Education & Social Services offers several competitive, quality graduate degree programs, and the online MS in Criminal Justice with a legal studies specialization is no exception. However, students entering the program with an applicable master's or JD degree are only required to complete 54 credit hours. Online Master's in Justice Administration If you’re looking for an online criminal justice master’s degree program that will help you serve others honorably while achieving your career goals, University of the Cumberlands has the expertise, curriculum and integrity you need to succeed. Crime takes place in our neighborhoods, in the international sphere, in business and in cyberspace. The Justice Studies PhD program consists of 84 credit hours for students entering the program who have not earned a master's or JD degree.

Founded in 1956, the program emphasizes critical thinking, management skills, and research, readying graduates for further study or to step into the workforce. In a changing and increasingly interdependent justice sector, expanding your knowledge is key to success in an evolving justice landscape. Our recent graduates have gone on to become Police Officers, Crime Data Analyst for Police Departments, Juvenile Parole & Probation Positions and work within the Court System or in Legal Firms.

Welcome to the Department of Justice Studies graduate studies web page. The MA in Justice Studies offers a grounding in theoretical issues and methodological approaches to various aspects of justice including legal, criminal, restorative, and social justice. Learn law enforcement skills to manage complex global risks and disasters. Declaration of Major Professor Form Master's Thesis/Area Paper Committee Form 2015-2016 Criminology Graduate Handbook. This master's in criminal justice degree could help prepare you for a number of different roles once you graduate.

These programs can help prepare you for a successful future in justice, or allow you to take your education even farther to gain as much insight into the field as possible before going into your desired career. Related Downloads. A Master’s Degree in Justice Studies will help you to become a competitive candidate for jobs in the justice field. Online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Studies. A written comprehensive exam, a prospectus and a dissertation are required.

Students take advanced classes in one of six concentrations.