You can print pictures on any kind of paper. Can my printer print on cardstock? Printing on cardstock can be difficult if you do not have a lot of knowledge or experience in this area, and it is much more complex than using a home printer to print out simple reports in black and white.

If you plan to manually feed the cardstock into your printer, find the manual feed slot on your printer and skip to Step 3. Laser- Laser printers use a toner cartridge filled with powder and heat to create a virtually waterproof, plastic-like ink that sits on top of the paper. Conversely, text is thin & flimsy. If it is supported, create custom size to print on cardstock. (This probably makes no sense! )

It is important to take into consideration many factors when choosing paper for a print project, including but not limited to: paperweight, paper material and coatings, paper grain, moisture, heat, ink, speed, the printer’s paper path and printer settings.

Step 3 Click "Print" in the editing program you are using to craft your invitation. Although I haven't seen any inkjet printers that have that feature.

The ink, however, does not print well with textured cardstock. If you’re running into trouble printing custom card sizes, you may find the answer you need in our top 10 most overlooked cardstock printing … Not all printers can successfully accommodate all printing … Inkjet printers are especially successful at printing on textured card stocks. Thanks for stopping by! Whether or not they look good is another question altogether. I have tried setting the paper type to card stock and something called bond. For example, my laserjet has a manual feed and a separate "door" in the back, so you can feed cardstock straight through without it having to curl around the rollers. Or does this printer not work on textured … I bought the Pixma Pro 100 because it was one of the top recommended for digital scrapbooking. Step 2 Load two or three pieces of card stock into the tray. The cover is thicker & stiffer than text and cardstock would be considered cover. The end result is that the printed page looks awful. Card stock is a heavier weight paper than common printer paper. If your printer has an option for manual feed (like for envelopes), I'd use that. The ink doesn't seem to be getting into the crevices that make up the texture … Click here and refer the document to print on custom size… Whether or not they look good is another question altogether. We’re getting a full-on makeover and hope to be back shortly. Cardstock can be used for custom invitations, holiday and greeting cards, business cards, and many other types of items.