Made from 12"x12" square so it turned out a nice large model. According to the website Enchanted Learning, there are 368 different species of sharks around the world, including hammerhead and great white sharks. 26. It is very easy to make, both for children and grown-ups. make another tube for your head, which will have armholes so it sits on top of your shoulders (this will take some more of the weight). Prepare a square blue sheet of paper. Cut a piece of cardstock paper at about 4 1/4″ X 6″, this will be the body of the shark. Estefi Machado. How to make a paper shark See more If you have special origami paper, so much the better. 25. This time, we will make an origami shark. I’ve been loving the clothespin crafts lately and this shark clothespin is a must make project. Again, this is just a tube which is glued at the front or back with an overlap, and it should extend about 30cm above your head (you can always trim it down), and overlap the waist section by at least 15cm for glueing them together. Fresh origami Shark for Kids .

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Making a three dimensional model is a great way for kids to learn about living organisms. My daughter was already busy painting pictures of flowers that she sa… Steps to Making an Origami Shark from Paper. Pop Up Shark Greeting Card Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids - Summer is here and "Jaws" is playing on the reruns. Paper Plate Shark Craft - Use a paper plate, construction paper, scissors, and paste to make this awesome shark eating a fish with his huge, sharp teeth. Its head blade is proportionately wide, over one-third of the shark's total length. Make your own shark … For a smaller version of the shark you can use a dollar bill. Teachers may opt to complete a unit study on sharks, requiring a model shark habitat craft from each student once the study is finished to assess the student's comprehension of the material. How to Make A Paper Shark Origami for Everyone – From Beginner to Advanced – DIY Fan Read more about Origami Projects original Handmade [pop Up Card] Whale Shark Tips For Taking Digital Photography Origami Shark.

I found that sea creatures are surprisingly easy and fun to make, this hammerhead is one of my favorites. An origami shark is one of the more advanced objects that can be created with origami paper. The great hammerhead is a large shark, with an average length of 7 feet. Dollar Store Crafts. Cut out fin and tail shapes making sure to include a flap for gluing. It gives them the opportunity to identify all of the working parts in a very hands-on fashion. After you have made a shark, create a school of fish to add to your underwater origami collection. Since we had just been to the zoo yesterday, sharks were fresh on my son's mind.

Jun 26, 2012 - This afternoon it was a little chilly (for my taste) to head to the community pool, so I told the kids we would make some crafts and asked them what they wanted to make. Next, cut out a large circle by tracing a cake plate at about 7″ in diameter, cut the circle in half, you only need one half which will become the tail end of the shark. Lastly a fun project for all ages – make a pair of shark socks! Origami Shark for Kids . The plane will end up being smaller than you probably expect but it really does fly well if folded carefully. You will need colored paper, a black marker pen, and scissors. (I own a photo business so I tagged my image but it is mine) The hammerhead's unique features make them excellent subjects for depiction with modelling clay. Name: Hammerhead | Difficulty: easy Synopsis: This simple paper plane is a unique step away from the traditional pointy nosed paper airplane in its' box like but voracious jet inspired air intake. This shark model is a perfect project for the beginner model maker.

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