help to define the impact of development interventions on gender equality. Development is not that easy to achieve especially, if there is less production, a country’s economy is stagnant or there are hindering factors such … Impact of Gender Inequality on Social Development Outcomes Reviewing the literature, it is clear that gender inequality has no positive effects on social development outcomes. Secondly, in all indicators examined, gender inequality is a severe obstacle to social development, but addressing gender inequality will never alone be sufficient for poverty reduction.

Every country in the world wants to rank top on the list of most developed nations in the world. Gender inequality affects everyone, including men. productivity effects of gender inequality apply universally and gender inequality is harmful to long-term growth. I have reached the conclusion that gender inequality normally has undesirable effects on all facets of socioeconomic development. Moreover, there are extremely little facts to advocate that any economic effectiveness vs. gender parity trade off exists – gender equality is also gender efficient.

Stereotypes or ‘rules’ about how women and men, girls and boys should be begin in childhood and follow us through to adulthood.

Not everyone experiences inequality the same way.

Gender inequality represents a huge loss of human potential, with costs for men as well as for women. Gender equality is therefore integral to democracy, development and a human rights system to which all people are entitled.

The situation is worse, and often different, for people who face more than one type of discrimination.

On growth, the net impact of gender inequality is quite ambiguous; it can be a great hindrance to growth or … Read more: Interactions Empowerment of Women and Girls. German development cooperation is a pioneer here: indeed, the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD will be redefining G markers in 2006, so that they can be used more effectively to gauge the results of development interventions.

Effects of Gender Inequality on Development.