Date Written: 2012. 8, 2013. ‘Legal Moralism’ picks out a family of views about the proper aims and scope of the On any plausible version of Legal Moralism, the question of whether we should in the end criminalize, all things considered, is a much more complicated question, of both principle and practicality. University of Stirling - Department of Philosophy. Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 1 TOWARDS A MODEST LEGAL MORALISM (forthcoming, Criminal Law & Philosophy) R A DUFF 1 My aim in this paper is to explain, and begin to defend, a particular version of so-called Legal Moralism. Thomas Søbirk Petersen - 2010 - Criminal Law and Philosophy 4 (2):215-232. Minnesota Legal Studies Research Paper No. Duff, Robin Antony, Legal Moralism and Public Wrongs (June 15, 2015). 20 Pages Posted: 10 Jul 2012. Legal, Moral, and Metaphysical Truths: The Philosophy of Michael S Moore, K. K. Ferzan & S. Morse (eds), Oxford University Press, Forthcoming; Minnesota Legal Studies Research Paper No. Abstract. After sketching the main features of Moore’s version of legal moralism, and its connection to the type of retributivism that he espouses, this chapter notes its expansiveness, both as to the kinds of wrong and as to the range of agents that we have in principle reason to criminalise.

Towards a Modest Legal Moralism. Towards a Modest Legal Moralism: Concept, Open Questions, and Potential Extension. 15-17. See all articles by R. A. Duff R. A. Duff . 13. 12-28.

New Legal Moralism: Some Strengths and Challenges.