Why? I’ll go over both the pros and cons as well as share more information related to the field of dentistry to try and paint a more realistic picture of what being a dentist entails to help you make the right decision in regards to becoming a dentist or not.

Some, though, are convinced that becoming a doctor is not only the best career for them, but it’s their calling.They are willing to take the risks in order to achieve their dream. A dentist has the satisfaction (a lot of the time) of a quick fix to a problem (tooth hurts - pull tooth - problem solved) but a doctor often has to see a patient for a long time - change treatments, do further tests - and still never get a completely satisfactory outcome. If yes, this article will be of help to you. 9201 Sunset Blvd #618 Los Angeles, CA,90069 Many Indian students nourish the dream of becoming a Doctor. We are doctors but not physicians. Whether it is the right choice for you or not, depends on your skills, interests, capability, determination, etc. Consider the pros and the cons…

Dentistry is a highly respected profession. Dr. Anthony Mobasser - Celebrity Dentist. Here, I’ve covered various pros and cons that are related to this career.

It's that simple. A dentist can treat a tooth - a doctor has to treat the whole person. Pros and Cons of Becoming a Doctor The main reasons why many pre-med learners give for wishing to become a physician someday is the vast job satisfaction related with this career.

Yeah, I'll bite. You’ll be able to make an informed choice (regarding your career) after reading this article. Pros Of Being A Dentist Respected Profession. But, the way of fulfilling this vision is a tedious, long and costly one. To become a Doctor… But we aren't real doctors.

If this describes you, you should still move forward carefully. Dentistry in general is a great career, ranked #1 best job in the USA according to U.S. News. Prospective students who searched for Dentist vs. Pharmacist found the following related articles, links, and information useful. A physician has a bad day and you die. Because if I have a bad day, you lose a tooth.