can also give you chances at earning scholarships for completing some of these steps. Let your Guidance Counselor know if you are applying Early Decision and sign electronic contract. Application Considerations: Determine whether you will apply Early Decision (binding agreement), Early Action (non-binding) or Regular Admissions for each application. For schools with rolling admissions or early action, submit the completed application as … For this example, we are going to use Google Sheets. PLAN. The document outlines each step that you would need to carry out. College Application Process. Study for your SATs or ACTs. College Application Checklist. Mr. Munger has served as president of the New England Association for College … We put together a college application checklist to help you stay organized. While it might seem overwhelming at first, surviving college admissions crunch time is a matter of tackling one task at a time. Consult college and university representatives when they visit your school. What if you forget an important requirement and don't get into your dream school?

Here’s a checklist of the major things you’ll need to tick off before you send in applications to the schools on your list. Opting in to the College Board Opportunity Scholarships at. Having a list of important tasks to complete for each college application will make the application process go smoothly and help you meet deadlines. One of the things that makes the college application process so stressful is that it involves so many big and little steps. At Right C3 we have used our expertise to build a proprietary software system designed to help you make the best possible choices. This timeline shows you what you should be doing, and when. This two-page form is a detailed checklist that covers the application process. Your College Application Checklist. Application Checklist 1. This can help college admins: Identify which steps a student has to take in the application process Separate pending applications from finished (accepted/rejected) applications Exempt students from certain forms by clicking on a checkbox Your Transcripts . College Application Process Checklist Junior Year February/March Check ACT and SAT spring registration and test dates. OUR PROCESS. Our College Application Checklist in PDF format simplifies this process for you. College Application Checklist ___ 1. See your school counselor or the admission adviser of any college you are considering attending. 5 Steps to Create a College Application Checklist in Google Sheets Step 1: Create a New File There’s a lot you’ll need to do before you send off your college applications. Make no mistake -- ensuring that your fully completed college application packets are received on time is vital. For most of us, the decision to pick a college and a major comes about once in a lifetime…usually during our high school years when we are just discovering who we are, and our gifts and talents. Calendar it out. Register if needed.

Make sure you will qualify for admission on the basis of class rank and high school course work. 2 NACAC GUIDE TO ... About the Author The Guide to the College Admission Process is based on the original guide by Steven C. Munger, former dean and college counselor at Bridgton Academy (ME). Consider spring and fall extra-curricular activity schedules. Practice questions are available in the Guidance Office or on-line at Use the FREE questions on the web site. College Application Timeline Want to know if you’re on track in the college application process? Appendix A: College Admission Application Checklist ..... 68 Appendix B: The Prep for College Calendar ..... 70. College Application Checklist Print and use this checklist to keep track of your college application requirements, tasks, and deadlines.