Water is considered to be a great gift from nature. & Hoekstra, A.Y. The blue planet that we once knew is something of the past. 25 shocking facts about water pollution. water pollution statistics 2017. Nutrient pollution fuels algae bloom, i.e., dense plant growth, which in turn damages and can even cause the death of marine life. Read about water pollution. Water pollution is an appalling problem that can lead to the destruction of the world as water pollution critically affects the availability of water. Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and not safe or suitable to use. According to water pollution statistics, t his issue is caused by high amounts of nutrients (such as phosphorus and nitrogen) in the water, usually as runoff from farms. Nevertheless, we continue to treat the main component of Earth's oceans, lakes, rivers, and living organisms as a dispensable commodity. Environment. Earth and everything living on it are heavily reliant on water for survival, yet we don't show the care needed to sustain it. All over the world, including in developed lands like the United States, Europe, and China, the researchers are coming across dangerous levels of pollution in the water, from sewage to plastics. Water is easily solvent allowing for most pollutants to dissolve in and contaminate it. Matt Damon owns a water charity According […] This results in enhanced plant and depleted animal life due to lack of oxygen, creating a dead zone. It also leads to the creation of so-called “dead zones.” 5. Water pollution occurs when discharges of energy or materials degrade the quality of water for other users, including both humans and wildlife. The causes and effects of water pollution are various, well-known, and fully documented.

Water pollution could potentially be an issue that defines our generation.

Water Pollution Facts. Global grey water footprint and water pollution levels related to anthropogenic nitrogen loads to fresh water at 5 × 5 arc minute grid scale (2002-2010). Downloads: Grey water footprint map | Water Pollution Level map | Paper | Supporting information Reference: Mekonnen, M.M. While the current generation is leading the way to remedy this problem to eliminate waste in the water, it might be too … Water Statistics 2017-2018 663,000,000 Without Clean Drinking Water in 2018 March 22 is World Water Day 2.4 billion people do not have access to water sanitation 315,000 children under 5 years old die every year from diarrhea 900 children deaths per da 1 child per every 2 minutes. One of the prominent causes of water pollution is extensive eutrophication caused by agricultural, sewage, animal, human and industrial runoff, resulting in excessive concentrations of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. Here's why H2O is the new gold.