In it, they explain a theory of child development that helps shed some light on these phases.

Child Development & Parent Strategies, Birth to 6 years Child Development & Parent Strategies, Birth to 6 years Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2011 5.0 out of 5 stars Is This A Phase? Child psychologist, Louis Bates Ames, co-authored a book with Francis L. Ilg entitled Child Behavior: The Classic Child Care Manual from the Gesell Institute of Human Development. It is a time for active exploration of their environment. When a child takes her first steps on his or her own, a new phase in development begins. Learning to read and write and gaining a wide vocabulary is the thing to do here and if you have given “INDIVIDUAL ACADEMIC ATTENTION” to your child to lay a solid foundation during this phase the payoff will be there in the later years.

In this phase the child is getting ready for learning a bit more formally – but do not be in a hurry….every child has his/her own pace. Child development is a process of maturation that includes infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence.

At this stage, children are now free to roam around their world.